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Hazardous Handling Agent

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Hazardous Materials Shipping Services

Price: 1850 INR/Unit

Shipping Hazardous materials internationally by air or sea is risky without an understanding of the rules and regulations that guide everyday operations. Not abiding by international shipping regulations can lead to financial and legal problems and put crew members at risk of injury. Therefore, The Hazardous Material Transportation Act (HMTA) was enacted in 1975 by Congress to force companies transporting hazardous materials to abide by Hazardous Materials Regulations (HMR), ensuring the swift and safe delivery of goods around the world.

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Dangerous Goods Logistics Solutions

Price: 1879 INR/Unit

Dangerous Goods Logistics Solutions, Air freight of dangerous goods Dangerous Goods Logistics Solutions Dangerous goods can also be transported by air and benefit from the speed of its delivery; however, this kind of transport does require a series of specialised measures to ensure that the logistics operation proceeds without surprises. At Dangerous Goods Logistics Solutions we are specialists in the air transport of dangerous goods. We handle your sensitive cargo according to all safety standards in order to ensure that it arrives at its destination, completely intact and with absolutely no risk to the freight, people or the environment.

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Air Freight Hazardous Materials

Price: 1897 INR/Unit

Air Freight Hazardous Materials is certified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to ship dangerous goods by air. Without complying with rules and regulations for properly packing, labeling and shipping dangerous goods can result in a loss of time and money. Air Freight Hazardous Materials IATA sets a global standard for the safe transport of dangerous goods by air, and it is the only standard currently recognized by airlines around the world.

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Safe Handling of Dangerous Goods

Price: 1870 INR/Unit

Safe Handling of Dangerous Goods Some items may endanger the safety of an aircraft or persons on board it. The air transportation of these dangerous materials can either be forbidden or restricted. IATA leads industry efforts to ensure the safe handling of dangerous goods in air shipping. We provide a great variety of technical knowledge, products, services and training solutions, tailored to satisfy industry needs. The definition of standards for documentation, handling and training, as well as their promotion and use, contributed to achieving a very high degree of safety in the transportation of dangerous goods by air.

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Hazardous Handling Agent By Air

Price: 1850 INR/Unit

Hazardous Handling Agent By Air We have an adroit team which is capable of offering effective harzardous cargo international Air Freight Forwarding Services. Hazardous Handling Agent By Air Our professionals work in close coordination with clients to meet their variegated specifications so that we can render this service range in a timely manner even in peak seasons. Hazardous Handling Agent By Air By analyzing the existing transport methods & networks, we are capable of eliminating waste and redundancy. Moreover, our air freight forwarding services are highly demanded in the market and are available at competitive prices.

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Dangerous Cargo Handling

Price: 1865 INR/Unit

Dangerous Cargo Handling Safe, reliable and smooth cargo service for dangerous goods by air For smooth transportation, we advise clients whether or not IATA defined hazardous materials can be shipped by air cargo. Also, we guide you on packing instructions based on capacity and containers using the standard rules, special instructions from airlines, and various regulations of import at destination countries.

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Hazardous Cargo Handling

Price: 1850 INR/Unit

Hazardous Cargo Handling The rules governing the safe handling, stowage and shipment of cargoes that can damage life, property or the environment are many and varied. With the help of Hazardous Cargo Handling highly-trained technical teams, you can ensure that your dangerous cargoes are shipped in full accordance with the IATA Code and all other relevant national and local regulations governing shipping and inter modal transport.

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Hazardous Courier Services

Price: 1863 INR/Unit

Hazardous Courier Services is a very complex process and it should always be handled by a professional that has a high level of expertise in the transportation of hazardous goods. Here at Hazardous Courier Services, we have a team of committed professionals that have an extensive amount of experience in all aspects of working and shipping in the dangerous goods freight industry. We provide full service transportation solutions to customers that need shipping services for international dangerous and hazardous goods. When it comes to shipping chemicals and other dangerous goods, compliance is a great concern. We meticulously ensure that all activities are performed so that we are in full compliance with global safety standards. We adhere to IATA regulations for the transport and safe handling of all types of dangerous goods. From cargo and chemical samples, to DGR goods, commercial shipments and other types of hazardous items, we ship it all. Whether you need consultancy services to understand the best solutions for your needs, or global transportation solutions to get your products to their end destination, we can help. Reasons to Choose Hazardous Courier Services We Provide Full Service Non-Hazardous/Hazardous Product Handling and Transportation Solutions. Our services are on-time, and you can always expect efficiency. Our air freight services are reliable and affordable. We handle all customs clearance matters and sea & air freight booking for imports and exports. We have an extensive amount of experience in handling all types of chemical samples. We have an excellent track record where safety is concerned. If you need to ship dangerous goods, then it is vital that you speak to an expert well in advance of your anticipated shipping date. Here at Hazardous Courier Services we have a range of hazardous goods professionals that can offer expert advice. They will be able to determine what regulations may apply to your shipment.

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Freight Agent Shipping Flammable Material

Price: 1865 INR/Unit

Freight Agent Shipping Flammable Material has both the expertise and experience required to ship hazardous materials (such as gasses, corrosive chemicals, and flammable liquids) across the world. Freight Agent Shipping Flammable Material But shipping hazardous materials requires more than just expertise it requires certification from the government at multiple levels and along each step of the way. Unlike many freight providers, Freight Agent Shipping Flammable Materialis certified to transport and warehouse hazardous freight and can help you throughout, from the preparation of materials for shipment at their point of origin to disposal at their final destination. Safe transport of hazardous materials starts with smart planning and project management, and Approved will assign you an account manager to help you from start to finish. We have experience in securely moving cargo within all the US Department of Transportations hazard classes.

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Air Freight Toxic Materials

Price: 1869 INR/Unit

Air Freight Toxic Materials Air freight offers you the advantage of being able to move shipments quicklyand with a minimum amount of handling. However, Air Freight Toxic Materials when your cargo includes items that are considered hazardous, there are a few regulations youll need to comply with in order to leverage this mode of transport. Air Freight Toxic Materials Even if youre familiar with shipping hazardous materials via ocean freight, you should know that air freight has its own unique set of rules. These regulations keep your shipment safe in transit. They also protect the plane and its aircrew as they move your cargo to its destination. To help you keep compliant with the hazardous materials regulationsand ensure timely delivery of your shipmentswell answer the four most common questions we receive around moving hazardous materials via air freight. Air Freight Toxic Materials

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Flammable Goods Courier Services

Price: 1804 INR/Piece

Flammable Goods Courier Services Dangerous goods (also known as hazardous material or hazmat) are any substances or materials that are capable of posing an unreasonable risk to health, safety, and property. Identifying dangerous goods is the first step to reduce the risks posed by the product with proper packaging, communication, handling, and stowage. Flammable Goods Courier Services is an established carrier with significant experience transporting Dangerous Goods. What you need to know There are shipping regulations for Dangerous Goods The Shipper is legally responsible for compliance Not all Dangerous Goods are accepted by Flammable Goods Courier You must be pre-approved by Flammable Goods Courier to ship Dangerous Goods Flammable Goods Courier will accept Dangerous Goods under certain restrictions and conditions Flammable Goods Courier Services must be notified of intent to ship Dangerous Goods shipments are subject to additional charges

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Handling Dangerous Goods

Price: 1864 INR/Unit

Handling Dangerous Goods Accidents related to the air transport and handling of dangerous goods can entail serious consequences for people and the environment. Thats why transport of this kind mustnt be left to just anybody, but should be done by a company capable of controlling the goods at all of the stages of the transport chain. Handling Dangerous Goods transports dangerous or polluting goods that require special handling. Here we refer for example to goods like explosives, flammable, toxic, corrosive and radioactive materials. You can trust us to transport any kind of dry dangerous goods, whether in bulk, in a container or on pallets.