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Packaging Of Dangerous Goods

Lets have a look on wide range of Packaging of Dangerous Goods where the dangerous or hazardous goods are packed and transported in safer manner. These goods are those goods which include materials that are radioactive, flammable, explosive, pathogenic or corrosive. These goods are often subject to chemical regulations. These goods are transported with extreme care and attention. Packaging of Dangerous Goods is available in wide varieties such as Dangerous Goods Chemical Shipments Services, Hazardous Materials Dangerous Goods DGR Packaging, and Dangerous Goods Packaging Services. These services are highly effective and these dangerous goods are handled by special teams to pack them properly before transporting. These services can be easily availed by customers at nominal rates. 
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Hazardous Materials Dangerous Goods DGR Packaging

Price: 1896 INR/Unit

Hazardous Materials Dangerous Goods DGR Packaging Transport of Dangerous Goods Made Easier With DG Packing Service While shipping dangerous goods, Hazardous Materials Dangerous Goods DGR Packaging it is necessary to make sure the safe and secure movement of cargo by documenting and packing to the necessary regulations. Goods must be packed according to the regulations for the chosen mode of transport, like IMDG for sea freight, IATA for airfreight The information that is required to pack is the UN number, packing group, proper shipping name and consignee/shipper address. We have a professional team that is committed to providing you the highest standard and level of services possible, including all aspects of dangerous goods handling, like specialized packaging as well as transportation in adherence to IATA Code regulation. Our comprehensive range of services includes Dangerous Goods Packing, onsite repackaging services, dangerous goods inspection onsite, dangerous goods local delivery, etc.

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Dangerous Goods Chemical Shipments Services

Price: 1859 INR/Unit

Dangerous Goods Chemical Shipments Services is a very complex process and it should always be handled by a professional that has a high level of expertise in the transportation of hazardous goods. Here at Dangerous Goods Chemical Shipments Services, we have a team of committed professionals that have an extensive amount of experience in all aspects of working and shipping in the dangerous goods freight industry. We provide full service transportation solutions to customers that need shipping services for international dangerous and hazardous goods. When it comes to shipping chemicals and other dangerous goods, compliance is a great concern. We meticulously ensure that all activities are performed so that we are in full compliance with global safety standards. We adhere to ICAO, IATA, and IMDG regulations for the transport and safe handling of all types of dangerous goods. From cargo and chemical samples, to DGR goods, commercial shipments and other types of hazardous items, we ship it all. Whether you need consultancy services to understand the best solutions for your needs, or global transportation solutions to get your products to their end destination, we can help. Reasons to Choose Dangerous Goods Chemical Shipments Services

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Dangerous Goods Packaging Services

Price: 1850.00 - 2500.00 INR/Piece

Top Quality Services Offered On Dangerous Goods Packaging Services Packing is vital step in logistics service and we handle Dangerous Goods Packing services for the customers so that the product will be transported safely without indulging in shocks and vibration. We know how to handle dangerous goods and we pack everything by making use of quality packing materials. Dangerous Goods Packaging Services We use bubble wrap for fragile inner packing, further cushioned with Thermocol, since it acts as a wonderful protective material for carrying out quick shipping process. While shipping hazardous materials, either by sea, road or air, it is mandatory to Label the packages with specific hazardous class, nature, shippers and consignees details. Dangerous Goods Packaging Services We have a professional team of DGR qualified professionals to carry out Hazardous goods packing along with UN certification and UN packaging. Our UN Certified Packaging professionals are committed to render active service round the clock as per your requirements. We are there to offer excellent service with distinct solutions at reasonable rates. Apart from that, we offer top notch and value added service by following the ethical standards. Our main aim is to provide quality service ahead of the expectation of the customers. We are specialized on packing hazardous goods since we have UN & IIP Certificate issued for packing materials like jumbo bags, plastic drums, MS drums, wooden boxes, CFB Boxes, etc., to carry out efficient service at reasonable price rate.